Cities are constantly changing. So are the ways people live and work in them.

Worldwide, there’s an urgent need to create spaces where people can thrive.

That puts pioneers like you under pressure to define, deliver and demonstrate sustained value – not just for your tenants, but for society itself.

But social impact isn’t a neat, fixed metric. It is tough to pin down, and hard to quantify.

That’s where we come in.

With a unique mix of social science, business intelligence, and property expertise, we help you develop creative, sustainable solutions that bring measurable value to your business, and society.

Our team delivers:

Deep insight

You like the sound of social value. But where do you start? As experts in people-centred design, we engage sensitively with a diverse range of stakeholders – local authorities, tenants, end-users and the wider community – to help you to transform your buildings and places.

Effective design

You now know what matters to your stakeholders. But, how does that shape your designs? Or, improve the way your stakeholders are served? Our expertise in business, service and spatial design means we can translate social insights into tailored solutions.

Financial valuation

Your designs are creating sustained social value. But what market value does this add? Whether you’re at the design stage or post-completion, we can help you calculate and report your project’s true value.