We’re a team of award-winning social scientists, designers, and property professionals, united in our passion for place.

Gemma John

Managing Director

An anthropologist, Gemma specialises in illuminating the changing ways in which people live and work in cities, and how social value in the built environment can be delivered at a time of technological disruption. Uniquely positioned to conduct academically rigorous research, she provides clients with strategic advice on spatial design across all sectors. More recently, she has worked on alternative housing ideas – and, in particular, the development of co-living spaces. In 2015, she was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and British Council Fellowship to research the design and use of public libraries.

stewart 4

Stewart Martin

Chartered Surveyor

Stewart is a Chartered Surveyor who has advised lenders, investors, developers and occupiers for over 30 years. He has worked on complex restructuring projects, often involving multiple stakeholders with competing objectives. These include unviable schemes that had to be re-designed. Although most of his professional experience has related to adding value strictly in its financial sense, Stewart now focuses on measuring social value for projects that adapt and enhance the built environment to reflect people’s changing living and working practices – particularly the workplace as it is increasingly influenced and shaped by technology, wellbeing, etc.


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