Case-Study 5 | Insight / Training

LivShare: Designing affordable accommodation for the London market

LivShare is a new low-cost shared housing scheme developed by housing consultant Andy Redfearn.

Drawing on our knowledge and understanding of how people use and experience shared housing, Human City provided key recommendations on how to tailor the design to optimise space usage whilst supporting the needs of its end-users.

We collated all the information and cast our expert eye over it, advising:

  • Increasing shelter for privacy and intimacy on the ground floor. This could mean having high-backed furniture, a sliding partition, a bookable room or a mezzanine floor. Increasing flexibility for personalisation. This could mean modular storage options or perhaps even soft walls so that rooms can be combined over the long-term.
  • Including smaller spaces for semi-public gatherings. This could mean setting the doorways back to create nooks where residents can put chairs; it could also mean turning the smallest bedrooms into bookable spaces for private meetings.